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RESCHEDULED: A New Beginning. The show will go on.

On May 29 we were set to host our first ever show at Brick & Mortar in San Francisco. We were lucky enough to host an incredibly talented group of artists, Vida, Lance Redeker, Morgen, Carego & Ha Vay.

By an unimaginable stroke of bad luck, half of the power in the city of San Francisco went out and as the lights in the city went down so did our show. We are told that at Brick & Mortar a power outage has not stopped a show for over thirteen years. Needless to say, luck was not on our side. Yet moments like this can serve for a moment of reflection, and a conversation about perspective. In a potentially dangerous situation where street lights went out, drivers were injured, and confusion ensued, no one at the show was hurt; that’s something to be thankful for. The kindness of Cam from Ha Vay allowing us to throw a little house show, still allowed for music to be shared even if it was on a lesser scale. Somehow through the chaos of events, the mission that AboveTheBridge is built upon gleamed brighter than it ever has: “music matters”. Despite adversity, in a strangely warped and altered way that idea still held power. Music brought people together, and that is something that we should always be thankful for.

If you missed out on tickets, heres your second chance. We will be back. All tickets sold will be valid at our rescheduled show on June 30th! Thanks for sticking with us. Same line up, same venue, same mission. Come run it back with us!

We love you - the atb team

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