INTERVIEW: Isaiah Selva Promotes, Writes, Produces, and Lives Bay Area Music

Updated: Jan 16

In episode #34 Dante Pellegrino sits down with Bay Area based musician, podcaster, and show promoter Isaiah Selva! Isaiah is part of three bands in the East Bay Area, Hear in Color, Busy Lighthouse, and Sun Babi, he also throws shows at all kinds of East Bay Area music venues. On top of all of this he runs a podcast with Monet Taylor called Flood, where he interviews Bay Area musicians! Use the links below to stream music from Hear in Color, Sun Babi, Busy Lighthouse, Isaiah's solo music, and also to watch Flood podcast. (that's a lot of links)

Hear in Color's Music:

Busy Lighthouse's Music:

Sun Babi's Music:

Isaiah's solo Music:

Flood Podcast:

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