slowthai - TYRON


Favorite Track: "terms" Least Favorite Track: "Cancelled (feat. Skepta)"

Personal growth through mistakes are important moments in the lives of many individuals. It is entirely natural and not out of the ordinary for people to make mistakes; those mistakes do not define who you are. Rather, the way the mistakes are dealt with become where your true colors shine through. In the past, many artists have dealt with this in different ways, not exclusive to the music industry. Take Louis C.K. for example, a comedian who had sexual misconduct allegations levied against him. While the things he did were entirely abhorrent, he later confessed to his actions acknowledging that he had misused his power and that he was aware of the scope of hurt he had caused the people around him. Within the grander scheme of art though, this is often fodder for a new work; a personal revolution of sorts.

Rapper slowthai has not been a stranger to controversy either. In early 2020, he was accused of sexual misconduct by comedian Katherine Ryan at the yearly NME awards. Needless to say, fans and critics alike were disappointed in his actions, and he later apologized on Twitter, telling them to forward their “Hero of the Year” award he had been given (due to the incredible success of his politically charged and revolutionary album Nothing Great About Britain) to Katherine instead of him. He recounted his actions, assessed his misconduct, and attempted to make right with all parties involved.

This deep reflection is an omnipresent theme in his 2021 release TYRON. The record is aptly named, donning slowthai’s real first name and acting as