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REVIEW: Rex Orange County - Bcos U Will Never Be Free

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

When he was seventeen years old Alex O’Conner who goes by the pseudonym “Rex Orange County”, produced his debut album “Bcos U Will Never B Free”. This album is a unique clash of genres and concepts morphed with lyrical cleverness that really sets apart Rex Orange County from other mainstream Hip Hop and Neo Soul artists. With clear indie, Hip Hop, and alternative, influence, a new style of rap and lyricism, and a desire to be different, this collection of ten songs was most of the worlds introduction to Rex Orange County. There is a constant use of ambience throughout this album. This adds to the overall mood and tone in different ways. A great example of this is the background on the end portion of the song “Portrait of Ned”. For around the last thirty seconds of the song there is a what sounds like a speech playing in the background with a distorted effect on it. The background of this dialogue adds to the type of mood that he is trying to relay through this song. This albums release on SoundCloud and the success of his second, self-released album, yielded mainstream rapper Tyler The Creator, to take notice of the potential and creativity of Rex Orange County. He was featured on Tyler’s most recent album “Flower Boy”. Rex Orange County is an innovative, exciting, new, artist and he likely has loads more of success ahead of him.

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