Lil Mosey - Northsbest


Favorite Track: "Kamikaze" Least Favorite Track: "That's My Bitch"

Northsbest is the debut studio album by seventeen year old, Seattle rapper Lil Mosey, released on October 19, 2018. Fame came early for Mosey, this project was released when the rapper was just sixteen years old. His age does tend to have an impact on his music with much of his sound being very lyrically immature. Northsbest lacks quotables, lyrical capacity, and really any creative lyrical concepts at all. However, Moseys sound isn’t lyric centric and it really doesn’t have to be. The majority of tracks off this record feature explosive and exciting hooks. The instrumentals off Northsbest are also very tasteful for the most part. Mosey throws in some soulful samples like in the massive hit, Kamikaze which features the beat from Immature’s “Never Lie”. Hits like Kamikaze and Noticed are what propelled this seventeen year old into the stardom status he sits in currently but, reaching the top so quickly could of easily resulted in a both rushed and unfocused debut studio release. Thankfully Northsbest really isn’t that. For the most part on this record the sound does a good job of staying rather consistent but not repetitive. It’s also a decently focused album and does have a clear direction. His melodic trap sound is very easy to listen to and simply fun throughout this whole project. Although a nice break from this sound does come with the track “Greet her”. The slower song, is a change of pace on Northsbest and seems to be Mosey’s attempt at more of an RnB type style. It also is one of the only lyrically conceptual tracks on this project that truly does have any kind of lyrical story line. Next we get “Yoppa” featuring BlocBoy JB. It’s a fun banger with an Atlanta like trap beat. As always BlocBoy’s flow on the track is tip top. At 28:16 Northsbest doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. This project doesn’t try to do to much, and there really aren’t any duds in the track list. Consistency and cohesiveness is rare in trap albums in 2019, and that’s exactly what Northsbest is.

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