J. Cole - KOD

In KOD , J Cole explores the topic of addiction. What I personally love most about this album is the fact that J Cole didn’t take the easy way out with this topic. It’s easy for any rapper to go on a track and talk about drug addiction, But on KOD, J cole explores not only drug addiction but other kinds of addiction as well, that are seldom discussed in music or literature today. In “Kevin’s Heart” Cole discusses addiction to a toxic relationship and how drug addiction can lead to disloyalty and problems in a relationship. In “ATM” Jermaine talks about how the world is addicted to money and how we live in a money motivated society that is far too focused on currency and superficial things that don’t have any true meaning. Everything down to the name of this album is abstract and meaningful. The title of the album is an abbreviation that Cole said could mean any of three things. “KOD” either stands for “Kids on drugs” “King overdosed” or “Kill Our Demons”. J Cole’s interpretation of addiction has resonated and hit home with so many people and has resulted in one of my favorite hip hop albums of all time and in my opinion one of the most thought out and best concept albums that our current generation of hip hop has ever seen.

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