black midi - Cavalcade

Updated: Jun 10


Favorite Track: "Slow" Least Favorite Track: "Ascending Forth"

The plight of most modern up-and-coming bands is a rocky one, to say the least. There is something about starting and establishing your place in a music career that is immensely daunting, and should not be taken lightly by any young outfit looking to leave their mark on the musical industry and landscape. Many artists attempt to find mainstream success with simplistic pop appeal and a general pandering to the masses, while the somewhat less successful bands find themselves taking a different route; showcasing raw and authentic talent.

In the eyes of many, no modern band has done so better than black midi. Their 2019 debut record Schlagenheim blew many away and immediately became a cult classic in the music nerd community. Their avant-garde sensibilities and eccentric mix of noise-rock, math-rock, progressive, and experimental rock made for a truly special sound that went unmatched by any band at the time. Lead vocalist Geordie Greep’s horrendous shrieks and yells were such a shock to those not accustomed to this weirder side of rock music. The claustrophobic, freakish guitar work and the absolutely stunning drums courtesy of the unabashed virtuoso Morgan Simpson were consistently awe-inspiring, and made for a well-rounded debut that was nothing but a full-throttle adrenaline shot of art-rock madness.