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ATB LIVE: GLDNBoy - "Cream of the Crop" // ATB Live #3

Welcome to an featured episode of ATB Live. We are so so excited to bring this series back finally, and we've got a banger to start the new era of ATB Live with. We were lucky enough to meet up with our homie GLDNBoy, one of our favorite faces in East Bay Area hip hop. GLDN spit a fire performance of his track "Cream of the Crop" from his Daylight Castaway EP. You can stream the entire EP as well as this track using the link below. We have many more live sessions on the way so be sure to let us know in the comments what artists we should work with on ATB Live. Also, huge shoutout to our friend DreamAwake for allowing us to use his studio space for this performance, and getting us out of a jam. His links will also be down below. Enjoy the performance!

Stream "Cream of the Crop" :

Stream Daylight Castaway:


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