“Open your mind.” - XXXTENTACION


. Those were the words that XXXTENTACION used in the intro to his second studio Album, “?”. The alternative rap sound is a very new and progressive style of music. Many credit the progression of this style and the pop up of many new rappers that create music using this style, to rapper XXXTENTACION. Some consider X to be one of the most influential rappers of the past decade. Many people accept that without X, rappers like Trippie Red, and Juice WRLD would of never blown up. Many accept and believe the fact that X is the reason why the style of music they make is even relevant. This album has some of the most interesting and unique features that I have personally ever seen in any album ever. Through this collection, X features more mainstream, relevant rappers like Joey Bada$$, and PnB Rock, but also features the Blink182 drummer Travis Barker. This pays homage to how diverse and unique this album really is and how it was not meant to be labeled or catorgorized. Everything down to the name of the album screams diversity and inability to be generalized. In the short amount of time that X made music, he successfully experimented with so many different techniques and styles. It’s hard to label “?”, into one genre of music. You could call it rap, hip hop, rock, alternative rap, and so many other genres. This album refuses to be categorized and that’s the beauty of it. On this album X spits amazing lines and incredible verses and in the next track he will scream about abstract and complex emotions. Somehow this man manages to make the first just as poetic as the last. Songs like “Floor 555”, and “Moonlight” are completely different genres and sound like they are from completely different artists. But in reality, they are both made by the same man. The same man who had a vision and a will to create music that no one else was willing to create. . .RIP Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy (1998-2018)#xxxtentacion#ripxxxtentacion#ripx

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