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REVIEW: Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Tom Petty makes feel good music. Anyone with vocal chords can’t help but sing along to Full Moon Fever. Throughout this album Tom Petty relays his ability to write a catchy yet simple song. With instant hits like “Free Fallin’” and “I Wont Back Down” Tom Petty has etched himself into the sing along hall of fame. As well as being a fantastic studio Album, this album also has an extremely large live presence. I have seen countless videos of crowds of people absolutely loving his live performances of songs like “Runnin’ Down A Dream” and “Yer So Bad”. I’m sure if Tom Petty we’re still here today, hundreds of thousands of people would still be enjoying and loving his live performances.


. RIP TOM PETTY (1950-2017)

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