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REVIEW: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium

Updated: Feb 13, 2022


he Red Hot Chili Peppers have always been a band that has refused to be generalized into one clear genre of music. They have displayed obvious rock sound and influences as well as a huge funk sound. Vocalist Anthony Kiedis has even stretched what the Chili Peppers can accomplish into multiple songs that feature exclusively rapping and rap lyrics instead of traditional melodic singing. In the Chili Pepper’s ninth studio album “Stadium Arcadium” they once again make it very clear that no one including them selfs will limit what they will try musically. The bands double album features an array of songs that provide a huge variety of moods. Songs like “If” , “Wet Sand” and “Slow Cheetah” display heavier tones and harder topics while songs like “Tell me Baby” “Dani California” and “Storm In a Teacup” have more of a Euphoric, upbeat feel to them. This album truly has everything to offer in terms of different moods. The Chilli Peppers are so versatile in what they do creatively and what they do technically and it really shines through on this album. One of my personal favorite songs off the album is the title track, “Stadium Arcadium.” In the audio commentary for the album, guitar player John Frusciante describes how that song simply came about from a jam that the band was having. He describes how they simply all built off of drummer Chad Smiths improved drum beat and eventually they polished that into a song. This really pays homage to the chemistry of the core of the band and how they work together. Chad Smith described the song as “The Music was Already in the room when we walked in”. Continuing with the theme of not wanting to be categorized on this album, the song “Hump De Bump” features contribution from tambourines, trumpets, and different jamblocks and cowbells. As the Chili Pepper’s Career’s continue they have made it very apparent that they are willing to pump out erratic music like that of Stadium Arcadium without second thought. They have made it clear that moving forward , they will not play by anyone else’s rules.

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