Reatards - Bed Room Disasters

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Favorite Track: "Fashion Victim" Least Favorite Track: "You Ain't No Fun No Mo"

Before Jay Reatard released solo albums like Blood Visions and Watch Me Fall, his originally solo project, turned collective; Reatards, released the raw and gritty, Bedroom Disasters. The group consisted of Jay Reatard, Steve Albundy, and Ryan Elvis. Bedroom Disasters is a twenty two track album that totals to about fourty minutes and is a huge source of content in Reatards discography. In addition, the album also features a few covers, including songs from Ramones, The Saints and other prolific names and influences that Jay Reatard drew inspiration from. The very Essence of Bedroom Disasters is almost resembling of what you would expect in a stereotypical underground punk album. Huge sounding distorted guitars, with booming drums, and almost metronomic base lines. The sound is rounded out with a very lo-fi recording style, gritty DIY production, and lyrics that can be best expressed through the eighth track on the record; “Fashion Victim”. Jay screams about how people “laughed at my shoes and laughed at my clothes” and “how it ain’t never feel so good”. Lyrics like this made Bedroom Disasters the melting pot of teenage emotion and struggle that it was for Jay Reatard. Records like Bedroom Disasters were vital in the evolution of punk music, post bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and others of that era. It’s another example of how every genre of music only evolves ; and doesn’t die and punk is no exception.

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