Nyck Caution - Anywhere But Here

Updated: Aug 22

Favorite Track: "Product Of My Environment (feat. Kota The Friend & Erik The Architect)

Least Favorite Track: "Something To Remember Me By"

Since its inception in 2011, hip hop collective Pro Era has consistently boasted a roster filled with some of rap's most skilled lyricists. From Joey Bada$$ to CJ Fly, the New York posse has long maintained a sound that places emphasis on lyricism over pop appeal. Yet despite the groups clear lyrical prowess many of the members have failed to release notable albums, instead littering their catalogs with forgettable singles and underground features. No member checks this box more clearly than twenty-seven year old Nyck Caution. Within the majority of his work his lyrical dexterity is near undeniable, much like many of his Pro Era contemporaries. However, it is clear that Caution has struggled to carve out a musical identity beyond that of his pen game. His 2016 mixtape Disguise The Limit exemplified Nyck’s New York rap roots but failed to string together compelling songs. Often the tapes' standout moments felt like nothing more than studio cyp