mxmtoon - Dawn


Favorite Track: "Quiet Motions" Least Favorite Track: "No Faker"

I was first introduced to indie-pop artist, mxmtoon, in the car when my little sister played me her song “prom dress”, because she said it was a Tik Tok song. It caught me off guard a bit, because unlike a lot of songs I have seen coming from Tik Tok, this one had a lot of emotion behind it while also maintaining a lot of poppiness and likability. Her sophomore EP, dawn, maintains a lot of that emotion and pop likability, but unfortunately trades in some of it for a few basic songs without a lot of catch or personality to them. The EP starts out relatively strong with the song “fever dream”, a track about mxmtoon’s music career so far, and why she wanted to pursue one in the first place. It’s a nice little tune about not letting life pass you by and not being afraid to go for what you want while you still can, which I like a lot. One of the common themes of this EP are the introspective lyrics, especially on the song “quiet motions”. This is an absolutely gorgeous track about being an introvert and being okay in your own company, it is very clear in this cut that being an introvert is a huge part of mxmtoon’s personality. Throw in a couple cut-and-dry indie-pop tunes about love, like “1,2” and “used to you”, the former of which is a gorgeous ballad about the reminiscence of childhood, and you have yourself a pretty solid EP. The only issue I take with this record is the occasional overuse of chants and typical pop formulas, especially on the song “no faker”, which is the only song on the record that I’m not a huge fan of. mxmtoon is an artist that has been making waves in the indie-pop scene recently, and this record shows that every bit of the credit she is receiving is well-deserved due to her ability to write a catchy hook, cute and introspective lyrics, and some seriously fun music to go behind it all. I’m very much looking forward to what she will have to offer with her next full-length release.

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