Misfits - Collection II

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Favorite Track: "Last Caress" Least Favorite Track: "Mephisto Waltz"

Mixing elements of punk/rock and metal, Misfits were one of the most important hard rock/metal bands to come out of the 80s. Collection 2, is a compilation of multiple combined Misfits efforts throughout the course of their massive discography and a sequel to their 1986 project, Collection. Collection 2 features tracks off earlier albums, some older Misfits singles and even some songs that were recorded in 1986, several years after the Misfits broke up, by Glenn Danzig and Samhain and bassist Eerie Von for a sequel to Walk Among Us. Throughout this record and a large portion of Misfits discography, the majority of the tracks on this compilation struggle to reach longer than the two minute mark. Although notable, this doesn’t tend to be a problem as the message, energy, and point of each of their tracks can often be fulfilled before the song has even reached two minutes of content. The intro track, “We Are 138”, features the misfits classic metal style, distorted guitars that play a very choppy and intense sounding groove for the majority of this song. Personally, I love the vocals off this track especially the intro section where he howls “We areeee 138”. The progression of the track also works very well. Some of the best drumming off Collection 2 comes from “Cough/Cool”. It features a very unique beat played on the toms and snare that almost mimics marching music. Opposed to a lot of the other tracks, “Last Caress” radiates positivity. The tracks chords provide this euphoric and upbeat energy that adds up to a simply beautiful listen. Another track “Horror Hotel”, reminds me of a hard rock, anti-hero’s version of The Eagle’s “Hotel California”. Misfits discography is massive, and Collection 2 explores every stylistic evolution they went through in the second half and rebirth of their band. As a result, the energy off this compilation is versatile and is truly enjoyable in so many different ways.

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