Logic - Under Pressure

Lyrically and technically logic is one of the more talented rappers that has hit the scene in recent history. Taking inspiration from big rap and rock groups like OutKast, A Tribe Called Quest, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Logic has a unique and simplistic style of rap full of all kinds of different influences. His 2014 debut record Under Pressure is full of stylistic influences from many of his idles which is something he discusses in some bars off this record. At the conclusion of the first track on this record he introduces a character named Thalia who is “here to assist you with information about the album and its creation”. Thalia is sort of this Computer type character that is thrown in at the end of every track off this album and in each appearance she states a fact about the album and how it was made such as, where it was recorded, or who some of the influences of a particular sound were. Personally I really don’t see why Logic took to this as a creative direction. If the point was to make the album seem more organized it honestly did quite the opposite. It Makes the album seem like a compilation of unrelated, thrown together, songs that need to be explained to be enjoyed or understood, opposed to a collection of cohesive tracks meant to go together as a unit. The whole character was unneeded and just feels awkward throughout the album. Furthermore, this adds to the various elements on this record that makes it rather repetitive sounding. My main gripe with logic as a rapper is glorified on this record more than any of his other projects. Logic really only uses a handful of different flows and the flows he uses that aren’t in this small handful are just variations of the other flows of which he has already previously used. Some tracks on this album tend to just morph together because the flows and the beat used are so similar to the last. Luckily, Logic never falls too deep into that hole on this record as every couple songs their are some taste breakers that sound a little different a give the album a little bit more flavor but this album is for the most part pretty flavorless. The sound never really strays too far from it’s comfortable place and that really is at the disposal of logics amazing lyricism, because the lyricism and story telling on this album is for the most part very pleasant and quite good. Another positive for me on this project is pretty much any time Logic sings. Subjectively I really enjoy Logics singing voice but lack of very many real choruses or hooks takes away the huge possibility for Logic to take advantage of that voice throughout this album. Logic’s Under Pressure has its moments but for the most part besides the lyricism, it tends to be bland and flavorless.

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