Lil Yachty - Nuthin 2’ Prove

Lack of progression of style can and has been the downfall of countless artists. Throughout music’s chronology, those who have managed to adapt and continue are those who have lasted the longest, some of which we now look at as some of the greatest musicians of all time : The Beastie Boys, Paul McCartney (etc.). In Lil Yachty’s new album Nuthin 2’ Prove, he blends his previous trap style with a more traditional rap sound and creates something completely new for his artistry and image. The album opens with “Gimmie My Respect”. This track has some of Lil Boat’s more intricate lyrics ever. Thus stating how he has transitioned as an artist. Some of the ways that tracks on this album are titled pushes the image that Yachty is trying to reconstruct himself or at least reevaluate his style and himself as an artist. With him asking for Respect, and saying he has Nuthin to prove through the titles of these tracks, he mixes an ironic cockiness with a legitimate statement of his pride in his work. This album could be labeled as weak toward the end however. The majority of the tracks that are gaining traction and popularity on this new album happen to be toward the beginning of the record. With that said, it’s left to the listener and you to decide wheather Yachty was correct in saying he has Nuthin 2’ Prove?

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