Lil' Baby - The Bigger Picture

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As a person who heavily cherishes originality in the music I listen to, it is very hard for me to give my time of day to artists that have not historically proven themselves to pursue ingenuity. This tends to be a trend with many mainstream rappers, and while I don’t expect the music I consume to always have the most stupendous lyrical content, I at least expect there to be some sort of new sonic ideas or flows. Lil Baby is an artist that I have always perceived as low-effort, with almost every single one of his tracks sounding like a cheap Young Thug copy, especially his joint record with Gunna, Drip Harder. With that being said, Lil Baby has come out with a protest anthem single called “The Bigger Picture”, and I am absolutely astonished by the lyrical quality and the flows on this track. This may be partially because the bar was set relatively low for Baby, but I truly believe this track is worthy of a listen from everyone who is looking for justice in the protests and social unrest going on right now. There are plenty of lines on here that sound like lyrics you would never have expected to hear from Baby, with all of them being incredibly self aware, including my personal favorite line on the track, “I can’t lie like I don’t rap about killing and dope, but I’m telling my youngins to vote.” I can confidently say it is the most lyrically original and coherent thing I have ever seen put out by a rapper of Baby’s caliber. I think that in a way, artists who are usually more carefree and surface level taking a second to look inward and to use their platform to spread this message is a beautiful thing, and is truly a testament to how incredibly important the change we are seeing right now is. I truly hope that we get to see more music of this kind from Baby, because he surprisingly pulls it off with ease. I heavily urge anyone who has been thinking about their role in these current social issues to take a listen to this track and see where you stand on it. There are no shortage of lines that will make you think about the injustice Baby so clearly details here.

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