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REVIEW: Green Day - Father of all Motherfuckers

Updated: Jan 30, 2022


Favorite Track: "Father of All..." Least Favorite Track: "I Was a Teenage Teenager"

Veteran punk-rock outfit, Green Day, is back with their fifteenth studio album, Father of All…. There are a lot of things that this short, twenty six minute long record feels like, but it definitely doesn’t feel anything like the band’s original sound. This LP is a large culmination of tons of uninspired rock trends of the past decade. The mediocre production, lackluster guitar riffs, and stupidly annoying chants thrown in here and there that just sound like Green Day is trying to make some sort of anthem, but instead it ends up sounding more like a theme song for a Disney Channel TV show. The record starts off with the one saving grace within the tracklist, “Father of All…”. I actually really enjoy this track. It is a very raw ball of energy that makes you want to jump up and thrash around, with a great drum groove backing some intermittent distorted guitars and some absolutely killer bass fills. Unfortunately for Green Day, the record then takes a flying nosedive off the side of a cliff directly into a flaming garbage heap completely devoid of anything that could be considered creative music. Every other song on this record sounds like something that would be thrown in the 2011 pop hemisphere if the artists popular then were trying to make a song without any knowledge of their instruments. The performances are boring, and at times genuinely unpleasant. The vocals are just as boring as the instrumentals and the lyrics are completely lazy on songs like “I Was a Teenage Teenager” and “Fire, Ready, Aim”. Tracks like “Graffitia” and “Oh Yeah!” just make me want to fall asleep, and the rest of the tracklist is barely any better. Green Day somehow manages to throw out all of their musical ability on this record and trade it in for terrible pop trends, disgustingly over-polished production, and a hideous album cover of a unicorn sneezing rainbows all over the “American Idiot” cover art. Green Day was at one time, one of the best punk-rock groups out, putting out fantastic rock classics like Dookie, but the things that made them an intriguing band then are stomped on and blown away here. Simply put, Green Day is better than this.

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