Blueface - Dirt Bag


Favorite Track: "Daddy (feat. Rich The Kid)" Least Favorite Track: "Gang (Feat. Mozzy)"

If I were to describe BlueFace’s sound to you in one word I would use “recognizable”. His use of off-beat rapping, his always aggressive and confrontational delivery, his sometimes extremely comical but sometimes cringey wordplay, and his use of heavy trap production is a recipe that is easily recognizable by both new and old fans of rap. Older fans most likely recognize how heavily he pulls from other west coast and Bay Area rappers that came before him. Born In LA but growing up in Oakland; Blueface is more than aware that he’s a dirtbag. He makes it very clear on his new EP. The project is a compilation of some singles that we have already heard mixed with some new tracks and even a few songs that he rewrote or put a spin on. The song writing on this project is clearly focused on making bangers the Bay Area way and generally it does that pretty well. Him as an artist and this EP might be a tad bit novelty, but whether he is a meme or not the tracks on here do hit hard sometimes. The problem is when they dont hit hard, they might as well be hit by a car. These songs are hits when they hit but my god do they miss when they miss. The star power all over this short project fails to save songs like “Gang (feat. Mozzy)”. The track is genuinely one of the most unlistenable i’ve heard all year. He trades his aggressive knack for delivering hooks and in exchange he does some of the worst auto cruning that I've ever heard. However his energy does make more of these cuts hits than misses. “Bussdown (feat. Offset)”, and “Daddy (feat. Rich The Kid)” make for some incredibly hard, base and key heavy, car bops. While the re-presentation of “Stop Cappin” with an added feature from The Game gives the song a new and exciting garnish. I’m not sure why The Game keeps showing up on trap albums this year but I’m not complaining. Overall, this project is really a mixbag. Most of the stuff that we heard previously on this EP re-presents itself in cohesion effectively while the new tracks are either hits like “Disrespectful” or huge misses. I would say that the former most likely outweighs the latter and fuels this project to a pretty exciting, fun, and hard-hitting listen.

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