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Updated: Jan 30, 2022

BROCKHAMPTON is redefining the term “boy band”. In their latest and 3rd studio Album, their unique clash of rap and other genres has pushed the limits of what a boy band can be. They are very adamant about the fact that they are a boy band. Their full name on many platforms is even titled “BROCKHAMPTON, THE WORLDS GREATEST BOY BAND”. Throughout SATURATION III, they mix their unique style with different, more unique flows and lyrics. BROCKHAMPTON truly is one of a kind, with songs that range from the melodic vocals of TEAM, to more modern rap songs with peculiar and progressive beats like in STUPID, SATURATION III is a gigantic showcase of the ability that BROCKHAMPTON has to make all different kids of music. The boy band is compiled of six members. The group met on a Kayne West forum website and in 2015, They decided to all move to San Marcos, Texas, together with dreams of blowing up as a rap group. Years later they are pushing the limits of the genre with four successful studio albums. BROCKHAMPTON’s music can easily be taken at face value but with reoccurring themes in this album such as the Rewind sound used on many tracks, I think their music is a little more deep and meaningful than anyone realizes.

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